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在德國新近完成的一個雙盲隨機對照實驗,證實了 Rayonex 生物共振療法有效改善頸椎綜合症。患者有起碼中度的頸椎痛症超過三年,在十次(每次130分鐘)的生物共振能量平衡後,病人不但表示在頸痛、頭痛、肩膀痛或肌肉緊張方面有顯著的改善,在日常生活包括運動、家務、社交各方面甚至整體身心健康都有明顯進步。





• 10次兩小時生物共振療程
        原價$12,000 =》優惠價 65折 $7,800

• 5次兩小時生物共振療程
        原價$6,000 =》優惠價 75折 $4,500

• 3次兩小時生物共振療程
        原價$3,600 =》優惠價 85折 $3,060

以上每個療程可以優惠價 $980 (原價 $1,280) 增購一次 90分鐘的生物共振全面測試,了解食物不耐受與整體健康狀況。


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  • 星期一至六 9:30am - 6:30pm
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Bioresonance for Cervical Spine Syndrome Promotion

Cervical Spine Syndrome (CSS) has non-specific symptoms including dull pain in the neck, shoulder and arm regions, hard and tight muscles, impaired joint movements, numbness or tingling in the hands or arms, headache, dizziness, visual and auditory disorders. The possible causes include injury, degeneration from wear and tear, slipped discs, vertebral blockages, cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis, and nerve irritation. Regardless of the causes, the problem is often exacerbated by stress from poor postures.

Common treatments for CSS include movement training, physiotherapy, manipulation, acupuncture, pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine, laser and ultrasound. It is challenging to treat the root causes and symptoms can persist to become a chronic pain syndrome.

A recent clinical study in Germany has shown positive results from treating CSS with bioresonance by Rayonex. The study was a double-blind, randomised controlled trial conducted under the strictest scientific protocol. The patients involved had at least moderate CSS for more than 3 years. After 10 treatment sessions, the patients reported significant improvements in neck pain, headaches, back pain, shoulder pain or muscle tension. They also reported significant improvements in daily activities such as exercise, housework and social interaction, and greater vitality in both physical and mental health.

It was the first time that a Rayonex bioresonance device had been tested in a study that is considered to be the “gold standard” of epidemiological studies. The positive results provide the strongest possible scientific evidence, and support earlier findings from previous studies and patient testimonials.

Bioresonance therapy, which uses harmonious resonating frequencies to energise the body’s normal regulatory mechanisms, is a non-invasive method in naturopathy. The frequency programs used in this study target energy supply, physiological imbalances, pathological symptoms, detoxification, pain and psychic stress. They were put together by experienced practitioners. The positive results of the study are the best proof of the programs’ therapeutic effects.

We are pleased to offer below packages from our Promotion of “Bioresonance for Cervical Spine Syndrome”:

• 10 Bioresonance Harmonisations (2 hours each)
        35% off $12,000 =》 Special Price $7,800

• 5 Bioresonance Harmonisations (2 hours each)
        25% off $6,000 =》 Special Price $4,500

• 3 Bioresonance Harmonisations (2 hours each)
        15% off $3,600 =》 Special Price $3,060

Add-on: You are welcome to add one session of Full Assessment to find out about food intolerances and your general health status at a special price of $980 (Original price: $1,280)

Addresses and Contacts

Room 1003, 10/F, Lucky Building, 39 Wellington Street, HK (Central MTR exit D2 )

  • For Appointment: Tel and WhatsApp 9221 5033
  • Open Monday to Saturday 9:30am - 6:30pm
  • Closed Sunday, Public Holidays 

Shop 6-7, G/F, 4-16 Tak Shing Street, Kowloon (Jordan MTR Exit D or E)


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