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專業1500氫氧機 H Fizz Complete 1500 Molecular Hydrogen Generator

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H Fizz Complete 可以不同流量輸出氫氧混合氣,供選擇吸入純氧氣 (99.9%) 或氫氧氣,用戶可安在家中選擇1-8小時的吸氣時間,亦可用這部機自製氫水,用法簡單,是舒適調理身心的工具。

H Fizz Complete 有「顯示及控制屏幕」供選擇吸氣時間 (1、2、3、5或8小時) 及氫氧氣流量,流量由每分鐘300毫升至最多每分鐘1,500毫升。

如選擇吸氫氧混合氣,只需將已配備的雙頭矽膠鼻管分別連接氫氣 (H2) 及氧氣 (O2) 出口,開機吸氣,吸入的氣體將包括2/3氫氣及1/3氧氣。

如選擇吸99.9%濃度的純氫氣,只需將已配備的單頭矽膠鼻管連接氫氣 (H2) 出口,開機吸氣,氫氣流量會是屏幕上顯示的所選氣體流量的三分之二。



除吸入 H Fizz Complete 輸出的氣體外,還可利用輸出的純氫氣製造氫氣水飲用。只需將已配備的硅管,一邊連結已配備的金屬棒,另一邊連接氫氣出口,將金屬棒放入一杯水或其他想打入氫氣的飲品。準備好後在屏幕上選擇氣體流量,每分鐘300毫升流量已經可以 (較高的流量也未嘗不可),15分鐘後可製成1.2ppm的氫氣水,即每公升含有1.2毫升氫分子的水或飲品。


H Fizz Complete 1500 氫氧機有歐盟CE合格認證,保養期一年,機器壽命6,000至8,000小時。連機附上單頭及雙頭矽膠鼻管各三條,以及氫水棒一支。



1. 氫氣屬易燃氣體,切勿將吸氫機放置在有明火的地方或在附近點煙、生火等,亦需避免太陽直射。

2. 以 H Fizz Complete 或 H Fizz Lite 自製氫氣或氫氣水,必須使用蒸漏水。

3. 如有亞健康狀況,請先諮詢醫生是否適合使用氫氣療法。

4. 小童或病患長者應在有照顧者監察情況下吸氫氣或氫氧氣。

5. 不要在睡眠時吸氫氣或氫氧氣,應注意安全環境或有沒有任何不適。

6. 如吸氣後感到不適,例如暈眩、頭痛或呼吸困難,應即停機。這些感覺應該很快會消失,之後可用較低流量再試吸氫氧氣。如果不適情況持續,應諮詢醫生。

7.  製氫氣過程會令水箱內的水升溫,停機後不要馬上打開機背水箱,需等候一小時待水溫下降,以免灼傷。


Experience the benefits of molecular hydrogen with H Fizz Complete, a versatile, user-friendly hydrogen generator for boosting energy and increasing overall well-being. It produces an optimal mixture of 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen at adjustable flow rates - from 300ml/min to 1,500ml/ min.  This optimal hydrogen-oxygen mix offers additional therapeutic potential for various health conditions. 

Silicone nasal tubes are provided for connecting to hydrogen and oxygen outlets for inhalation.  If choosing to inhale pure hydrogen (99.9%), a user only needs to connect a nasal tube to the hydrogen outlet and not connect to the oxygen outlet.  This will ensure inhalation of hydrogen at 2/3 the flow rate shown on the LED panel. 

For example, if a flow rate of 1,500ml/min has been chosen, the user can connect nasal tubes to both hydrogen and oxygen outlets and inhale hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas.  The user can also connect only one tube to the hydrogen outlet and inhale hydrogen emitted at a flow rate of 1,000ml/min. 

The adjustable gas flow rates allow for a safe protocol to introduce hydrogen inhalation in a progressive manner, starting from a low flow rate and gradually increasing to a higher flow rate to suit the different needs of users.  For instance, a user can choose to start inhaling hydrogen for 15 minutes a day, increasing to 1-3 hours a day or more. 

Apart from hydrogen gas, H Fizz Complete also produces hydrogen-rich water that reaches 1.2ppm (or 1.2mg hydrogen per litre of water) in 10 minutes. A short silicon tube and a metal rod are provided for this function.

The user needs only to connect one end of the silicon tube to the metal rod, and another end to the hydrogen outlet, and place the rod in a glass of water or any beverage. Choose a flow rate (300ml/minute will suffice but a higher rate is also fine) and turn on the machine.  After 15 minutes 1.2ppm hydrogen will have been dissolved in the water or beverage.  That means an amount of 1.2mg of hydrogen molecules per litre of liquid. 

Studies have shown that the absorption of molecular hydrogen through inhalation or drinking can help improve brain, nerve and digestive functions, reduce inflammation, and boost self-healing mechanisms.

H Fizz Complete 1500, using platinum coated titanium electrodes and PEM membrane technology, has a guaratee of 1 year.  It is CE certified, ensuring compliance with rigorous European safety standards. It has 6,000-8,000 hours use life. 

This model comes with 3 reusable silicone nasal tubes each for hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen-oxygen inhalation.  The tubes can be reused after cleaning and disinfection.  Please detach the green water collection bottle from the tube before cleaning and disinfecting the tube with boiling water (100°C), and then re-attach.


1. Hydrogen is highly inflammable.  Do not operate the hydrogen generator next to any fire source, sparks or open flame. Do not smoke or light incense when the machine is in operation. Avoid direct sunlight.

2. H Fizz Complete with its 2L water tank can only use distilled water for generating hydrogen.

3. Please seek medical advice before using hydrogen therapy if suffering medical conditions.

4. Children and the elderly with medical conditions should use hydrogen therapy with supervision by care-givers.

5.  Do not inhale hydrogen or hydrogen-oxygen mixture during sleep, as one should be aware of what is going on in the environment and whether one is experiencing any symptoms of discomfit. 

6.  If experience any discomfit after inhaling hydrogen, such as dizziness, headache or shortness of breath, please stop immediately. Any side effects are usually temporary.  Wait for symptoms to subside and use a lower flow rate for a shorter time.  If symptoms persist, please seek medical advice.

7.  Hydrogen production raises the temperature of the water in the water tank. Do not open the water tank at the back of the machine while therapy is in operation or immediately afterwards. If the machine has been in operation for 3 hours, please wait one hour before opening the tank to avoid scalding by hot water.

Made in China


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